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...This site is being used to simulate a home delivery fuel dealer's web site and will work on your smart phone. It was created to show you what www.todays-price.com can do.

Below, on a white background, is a narrow, interactive list of products and prices.  There are only two items on the list but there could be one item or there could be many. Try sliding the list up and down.... (click the button for LP Gas Bulk Delivery).

  • We'll keep you warm whatever the weather.

  • We are on call 24/7 whenever you need us.

  • Our service technicians are prompt, polite and professional.

  • We even offer LP gas for heating, cooking or both.

Today's prices:

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allows you to set up a list like this. You log in to your account at www.todays-price.com and enter your products, prices and minimum quantities.

The updated list is instantly sent to your own web page.

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